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Female focused training – Episode 4 with Kim Ingleby

As an award winning PT, Kim Ingleby shares her perspective on the topic of female focused training and how to relate to and optimise client results.


Kim Ingleby is an International Award Winning Personal Trainer, Team GB Sports Therapist and NLP Performance Coach. In 2004 she founded Energised Performance, a complete Mind & Body Coaching Consultancy to help people ‘unlock their potential’ and take action. Her clients include celebrities, Strictly Come Dancing & Team GB, as well as hundreds of people from all over the World.  Kim is a Brand Ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber & Optimum Nutrition Athlete. Kim is the author of the book Hound of Happiness (link below) and writes for numerous national magazines. She is an established speaker, most notably her TEDx Talk in 2015 on embracing adversity. With a degree in International Business Management, and qualifications in Advanced Personal Training, Sports Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy and DNA Master Coaching, Kim is has truly broadened her skill set with a holistic view. Kim has raised over £80,000 for charity, including working in Sierra Leone & Nepal with Street Child. She successfully competed for Team GB Triathlon before contracting a challenging condition in 2013, known as Weils Disease. She is an expert at blending in depth mind and body coaching tools into simple, accessible, and proven formulas.

female focused training
Award winning PT, Kim Ingleby

Episode content: Female focused training

Kim joins us on this show to discuss a host of important issues around fitness business and the unique elements of training females, including:

  • the reason behind the mind-body coaching concept
  • the importance of education and skill acquisition
  • important considerations in training females compared to males
  • how the menstrual cycle should alter the training focus across each month
  • common barriers to overcome in females focused training

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