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Injury to optimal performance – Episode 13 with Ryan James

Overcoming injury on the way to optimal performance can be a huge barrier to success. Elite athlete, Ryan James, shares his experience and knowledge of going through this process to become a high level athlete.


Ryan James is a well-seasoned athlete that has represented Great Britain across several different sports including elite level long-distance & iron man triathlon, sprint track cycling, stand up paddle boarding, outrigger canoeing, and he also a keen surfer, free diver, and spear fisherman.

Ryan has been a staple on the British and European paddle racing circuit for the past 8 to 9 years. He is renowned for his impressive cardiovascular strength endurance that sees him perform well in the long-distance events. Ryan is a 6-time UK National Champion (retaining 2018 national title), he earned 2nd place in the famed 5-day 220km, 11 Cities race in the Netherlands, and placed 3rd in the European Cup, more than proving himself on the race circuit.

Ryan is a highly experienced personal trainer, sports therapist, fitness educator, nutritionist, and is a senior well-being advisor for the emergency services. His knowledge is underpinned by a BSc in Sports Science and a PG cert in Sport and Rehabilitation.

Injury optimal performance

Episode content: Injury optimal performance

In this episode explores a whole range of fascinating fitness, training and mindset information, especially focusing on overcoming injury on the road to high level physical performance:

  • what attracted Ryan to water sports
  • the range of sporting injuries Ryan overcame to success
  • how fitness and therapy education helped provide an advantage in recovery
  • how to manage your mindset during elite performance and recovery
  • a wide range of training tips and strategies to optimise physical performance

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Bonus video

Here is the bonus, quick-fire interview with Ryan – again some really helpful quick tips and ideas in only 3 minutes!

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