Fundamentals of coaching exercise (Free)


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This short online course (approximately 90 minutes) offers a great way to learn some underpinning anatomical knowledge and key communication skills to effectively coach a range of selected, fundamental resistance training exercises.

Fundamentals of coaching exercise free course


The course is designed to help deliver effective training insights across a range of topics to benefit the fitness enthusiast. A range of brief lessons include:

  • Joint and muscle anatomy for the shoulder and hip
  • Key coaching skills for effective instruction
  • Programming rules for exercise selection, ordering, and phase of training
  • Optimal technique for 8 fundamental resistance training exercises

Whether you are an individual gym enthusiast, already train with a friend or partner, or have been considering a career in the fitness industry, this free course may be just what you need to generate some momentum! Best of all you can complete it in just one evening! Register now and get started within minutes.

The course content for the Fundamentals of coaching exercise is drawn from our comprehensive online course, the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate. If you are interested in becoming a European Level 4 certified fitness professional then please consider the NPTC as a high quality, online solution to help you realise that dream within just a few months.

Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

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