Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

NPTC overview

The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) is an innovative online course, built to help students achieve the same quality and scope of education through home study and e-learning as would be received through traditional face to face courses. The NPTC programme is a blended learning programme, the first with fully online delivery* that has achieved European Level 4 accreditation for personal trainers by the regulatory body Europe Active. Graduating students will be fully prepared to excel in serving clients within a fitness club environment, or in being able to tap into their entrepreneurial skills to operate their own successful personal training business.

NPTC meets the Level 4 professional standards for personal training

Keilir Heath Academy has been successfully educating personal trainers in Iceland since 2007 through its established IAK personal trainer programme. Drawing upon this strong foundation, Keilir now offers exceptional courses through its online academy, Nordic Fitness Education.

*All course content is delivered via our online platform. Both written and video assessments are submitted online to be graded in person by a designated assessor. Students are also required to complete a real-time work-place internship. 

Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) offers:

  • a flexible online programme of the study, hosted by Nordic Fitness Education, that fits around your schedule and daily life
  • many years of fitness education experience from the leading IAK personal training program in Iceland
  • a fully accredited Level 4 certification that has been carefully mapped to meet all required content and assessment standards as determined by the professional body, Europe Active
  • NPTC graduates will be registered with the European Register of Exercise professionals
  • leading instruction by renowned teachers that hold recognised degrees within their field of expertise, and with decades of practical personal training experience
  • excellence in online learning to anchor a rewarding personal training career


Personal Training career

Have you ever felt the benefits of personal change, such as healthier lifestyle choices, engaging in regular physical exercise, making better food choices, or taking a more positive outlook on life? Could you draw upon those experiences to help others?

Personal Training (PT) is a highly rewarding career with benefits for both the PT and for the clients that they support. Our graduate PT’s have helped thousands of people to make positive changes that boost fitness, enhance wellbeing, and create healthier habits. Working in the fitness industry attracts people from all backgrounds with a wide range of life experiences making it a truly inclusive career that can fit with the lifestyle of almost anybody. Could it work for you?

Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

Leveraging modern technology through online learning has made starting a career in personal training much easier than you may think. The NPTC is an outstanding qualification that will provide a strong foundation for your career in the health and fitness industry. The learning materials also meet all the recognised knowledge and professional standards laid down by the European fitness industry.

Course content and schedule

The NPTC is taught in English. The program is designed to develop high-quality personal trainers with outstanding knowledge and ability on how to improve human health and fitness, how to create innovative exercise programmes, and how to run a successful personal training business.

Each calendar year is split into 6 terms, every 7 weeks in length. Students can start their studies at the beginning of any of the 6 term start dates scheduled across the year (see term dates below). The full certification can be completed in as little time as 8 months, with the maximum time allowed being 18 months from the start of your first enrolled module in the programme. You can review the current schedule of term start dates using the link below:

Once the 100 level foundation modules have been completed, the NPTC offers the flexibility to control the choice of the study during the 110 level modules. Students are allowed to adapt their learning direction and pace to suit their personal circumstances. It is recommended to complete either 1 or 2 modules within each term period dependent on your ability to manage the workload. The diagram below outlines the progression route and the modules that comprise the NPTC programme of study.


The Nordic Personal Trainer Certification is composed of 8 modules of learning, taught 100% online, with the support of an assigned online tutor/assessor.

  • Full programme paid upfront: € 3,280 (Module value € 410 each)
  • Modular study paid per individual course: € 430 each
  • Re-assessment fee € 60

Students have the option to purchase each course separately throughout the programme with an additional cost of 5% per module (full price € 3,440). Students attending the programme on these terms must pay for each module in full prior to the semester/term start date.

If you still require further information regarding the NPTC programme, please contact, Ben Pratt, NFE Programme Coordinator.

Course application

Eligibility criteria to enroll in the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate includes:

  • At least 19 years of age
  • Completed high school level education
  • Be proficient in speaking, reading and writing in English

When applying for the NPTC programme you will need to adhere closely to the following instructions:

  • The application form needs to be completed in English, including your personal contact details, educational background, learning disabilities, and any references provided
  • You are required to attach 3 documents as part of your application, these should be prepared in advance ready to submit within the online application (failure to submit these may result in your application being rejected)
    1. A scanned image of your passport (or other legal photo identification)
    2. An up to date version of your curriculum vitae (CV) in English
    3. A cover letter, written in English that addresses the following items:
  1. Reasons for selecting the NPTC course to become a personal trainer
  2. Career aspirations or goals following graduation from NPTC
  3. Outline existing time availability / constraints in relation to proposed NPTC study requirements
  4. Personal sporting, physical activity or exercise interests

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Graduate testimonials

Please read the student testimonials from a range of our graduates regarding the Nordic Personal Training Certificate delivered by Nordic Fitness Education:

Dagný Brynjarsdóttir, Iceland women’s national football team, NPTC graduate 2017:

“I was looking for a personal training programme that I could study through distance learning while I continued playing professional football abroad,” says Dagný, who previously completed her university studies in the USA. “After completing the NPTC course I progressed onto Keilir’s continuing education programme, the IAK strength and conditioning course that I will finish in spring 2018. I will use the knowledge and experience gained from both of these programmes when I am finished. The NPTC programme is perfect for those who are interested in developing their knowledge and education in fitness and training, especially if distance learning online is the best option for you.”

Ana Markovic, Icelandic Cup Champion and Rhein-Neckar-Pokal Champion, NPTC graduate 2018:

Ana S Bikini fitness champion

“As an IFBB fitness athlete who competes, I feel lucky to have a good PT supporting me in my aspirations and helping me reach my goals. I watched my body and mindset transform, so I wanted to learn a little bit more about the magic. I never even thought about being a PT until I had to earn my grades with Nordic Fitness Education. Now, experiencing all that the NPTC offers, I feel confident that I can be a solid coach. I feel that I have a very strong base to build upon, with experience too. I’m proud and grateful to have graduated from NFE via the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate! Thank you.”

Kristbjörg E, NPTC graduate 2018:

I am so happy and smiling from ear to ear! Definitely recommend this course…I really enjoyed it and it taught me a lot! The teacher was fantastic! Thank you NFE for everything. I am so excited to start my journey as a personal trainer.”

Kristinn S, NPTC graduate 2018:

“Great course! Thank you so much! It’s been really fun and I’ve learned so much.”

Guðlaug R, NPTC graduate 2018:

“Thank you! It’s been great fun and I have learned a lot. I am excited to use what I have learned in my training and coaching. It’s also great how much I have learned from the feedback I received from the tutor.”

Michael V, NPTC graduate 2018:

“The course was very well presented and easy to follow. I have to say the tutor was excellent, he responded quickly to all my emails and gave me help whenever I asked for it. I could not expect anything more from him. Really loved the course! I cannot think of anything I would change. Highly recommended.”

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