Sleep Recovery Specialist


This online course will upskill health and fitness professionals to develop the knowledge and abilities to change a client’s behaviours and habits to positively impact their sleep. This is a ground-breaking first for the European fitness industry and is sorely needed with up to 74% of the general public not achieving the recommended sleep requirements. 


The Sleep Recovery Specialist provides essential foundational knowledge, important sleep assessment tools, and a wide range of effective strategies for supporting clients to improve their sleep habits and behaviours. This 19-20 hour course of study is fully referenced numerous citations from the current sleep science literature (2018). The course is composed of 6 sections of study. Knowledge and skills are checked via a range of 5 online assessments and a final online case study exam. A maximum of 8 weeks is allowed to complete the full course.

  • Modern sleep problems
    • The scale of the sleep-loss problem, sleep disorders, risks to health, sleep and obesity, appetite regulation, stress, cognitive performance, and physical recovery.
  • Sleep physiology
    • Circadian rhythms, chronotypes, sleep across the life-span, anatomy of sleep, sleep stages, the biochemistry of sleep, sleep-related endocrinology, and dietary factors that affect sleep.
  • Sleep, exercise performance and recovery
    • The statistical connection between sleep and physical activity, the impact of sleep loss on physical performance, sleep and exercise recovery, exercise timing and sleep, travel and jet-lag, the role of napping in sleep recovery.
  • Sleep analysis
    • Polysomnography, review of a wide range of sleep assessment methods suitable for the fitness professional, reliability of digital sleep trackers, the importance of referral to a sleep clinic.
  • Sleep strategies
    • 6 important components for developing an effective client-focused strategy for optimising sleep, principles underpinning each of the 6 components, how to apply each component within a 24-hour cycle, strategies for off-setting jet-lag, adapting sleep for shift work.
  • Expert interviews
    • enjoy 4 extended interviews with renowned sleep experts from around the globe to expand upon important topics of specialism

Free taster of the course

Want to learn a little about sleep for free? Then watch this recent webinar, by the course creator, Ben Pratt: Sleep, The forgotten elixir of health and physical recovery

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Other features

  • Offer client’s or gym members a unique sleep coaching service
  • Contains all necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to function effectively as a qualified Sleep Recovery Specialist
  • Approved by Europe Active’s Lifelong Learning Programme, thus awarding students the maximum 10 hours of ongoing education
  • Study exceptional online content on any digital device to fit in around your existing circumstances and commitments


  • Completed high school / secondary level education
  • Be skilled and confident in speaking, reading and writing in English
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Time and ability to complete the course within 8 weeks
  • Ideally qualified at one of the following recognised European levels*
    • Level 3 fitness instructor
    • Level 3 group fitness instructor
    • Level 4 personal trainer

* Qualifications levels refer to the European Sector Qualification Framework as defined by Europe Active.

*Students without a fitness qualification are welcome to take this course, but they will not be eligible for professional recognition from EREP’s

Sleep Recovery Specialist certificate

Graduates will receive the EREP’s endorsed Sleep Recovery Specialist certificate

Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together

Thomas Dekker


Only €295 paid in full as part of online enrolment

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