Sleep Recovery Specialist


The Sleep Recovery Specialist (SRS) is an online, continuing professional development course that helps fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support and guide a client’s behaviours and actions to positively impact their sleep. This is a ground-breaking first for the European fitness industry – act now and study in this essential and much-needed discipline.

Successful completion will also provide 10 hours of lifelong learning recommended by Europe Active for your ongoing professional development.

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Key features: Why choose the Sleep Recovery Specialist course?

  • Be a leading fitness professional in the industry with this important lifestyle skill
  • Be able to provide your client’s or gym members with a unique and important sleep improvement service
  • Developed to include all the necessary knowledge and skills to function effectively within the fitness industry as a qualified Sleep Recovery Specialist
  • The course has been reviewed and approved by Europe Active’s Lifelong Learning Programme and is recognised to provide the maximum  10 hours of ongoing education as determined by the industry´s European professional regulatory body
  • Benefit from exceptional online content that provides an engaging and enjoyable learning experience
  • Study around your existing lifestyle and commitments

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Course outline

The SRS clearly defines the vast scale of sleep problems in Western society and justifies the need for a rapid increase in public education and support to reverse the negative impact of modern sleep loss. Qualified fitness professionals are already in place all around the world, supporting and helping individuals with the first 2 pillars of health, namely exercise, and diet. The fitness profession is, therefore, perfectly positioned to support a wide spectrum of the public in addressing the vital 3rd pillar of health, namely, sleep.

The SRS covers important subjects and skills necessary to serve as a fully-trained adviser on non-medical sleep problems. It provides an in-depth knowledge base, the important sleep assessment tools, and a wide range of effective strategies for supporting clients to improve their sleep habits and behaviours. This 19-hour course of study is fully referenced with more than 65 citations from the current sleep science literature (2018). The SRS is supported by leading sleep coaches and sleep scientists who are featured within our e-learning via personal 1 to 1 video interviews on their respective specialist subjects.


Improve your client’s sense of happiness and wellbeing, improve their health risk markers, reduce their risk of obesity and diabetes, improve their daily energy and alertness, reduce their appetite and sweet cravings, improve their recovery from physical training, increase their muscle-building potential, and achieve all of this through learning how to improve their sleep. Stand out from the crowd and become a skilled and certified Sleep Recovery Specialist with Nordic Fitness Education.

Course components

The Sleep Recovery Specialist is composed of 6 sections of study. Knowledge and skills are checked via a range of 5 online assessments and a final online case study exam. A maximum of 8 weeks is allowed to complete the full course.

  1. Modern sleep problems
  2. Sleep physiology
  3. Sleep for exercise performance and recovery
  4. Sleep analysis
  5. Sleep strategies
  6. Expert interviews

Want to learn a little about sleep for free? Then watch this recent interview, by the course creator, Ben Pratt, where he discusses a range of key topics from the Sleep Recovery Specialist course:  Video Podcast on sleep

CertificationSRS Cert example

Learners will be awarded the Sleep Recovery Specialist Certificate once all content has been learned and each of the assessment criteria has been achieved. Certification can be used as evidence to support ongoing professional development and to receive 10 hours acknowledgement on the EREP’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

Approved education

The Sleep Recovery Specialist is an approved course by Europe Active under the EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme. EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) will support EREPS members to meet their ongoing learning and professional development needs. Committing to a programme of lifelong learning is a central principle for any professional wishing to progress and thrive within their sector of professional practice.

EREPS recognition of courses and other learning under the LLP will be a reassurance to fitness professionals of the quality of their continuing education and will give training provides the external quality assurance they will need to effectively deliver and market their continuing education.

Entry requirements

  • Completed secondary level education
  • Ideally qualified at one of the following recognised *European levels:
    • Level 3 fitness instructor
    • Level 3 group fitness instructor
    • Level 4 personal trainer

* Qualifications levels refer to the European Sector Qualification Framework as defined by Europe Active

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Student testimonials

Andrea L, United Kingdom, SRS certified Oct 2019


“Just completed the Sleep Recovery Specialist course and I cannot recommend it enough to other personal trainers or anyone helping people improve their health and wellbeing! Already putting the strategies to use with clients and getting great results. 10/10!”

Danny A, United Kingdom, SRS certified Sep 2019

“This was an excellent course to take. I have gained a lot more knowledge in taking this course. I can now pass on my knowledge to others, which from experience, I know a lot of people struggle with sleep problems. I definitely would recommend the Sleep Recovery Specialist course to others.”


Melanie WN, United Kingdom, SRS certified Aug 2019

“A really interesting course with an excellent online platform. It was really useful to have the transcripts of each lesson video as a helpful aide memoir before doing the assessments. The interviews with experts I found particularly interesting. I will certainly find my new knowledge very useful not only in a professional capacity but also personal. Highly recommend.”


Tony H, Myanmar, SRS certified June 2019

“The level of knowledge shared exceeded my expectations. The various elements of course content; resources, handouts, videos and presentations, all work really well together and compliment each other. I was especially pleased with the tools/skills that you learn to be able to implement successful sleep strategies. The Sleep Recovery Specialist delivers a really good experience and a life skill that we should all have.”


Ana M, Iceland, SRS certified Feb. 2019

“5 stars! I think every coach should do this course if they do coaching for the love of improving someone’s life. This is such an excellent upgrade and the subject is so much more important than people are aware of. Nothing is lacking. The research has been done, the information is backed up with explanations of why and how the system works, and to top it off there are expert interviews…honestly, this is a very high-level service provided by Nordic Fitness Education.”


Goncalo C, Portugal, SRS certified Mar 2019

“This course is excellent! All course materials are excellent from video quality, audio quality, course layout, structure, and supportive resources. The sleep course content covered was really good, and easy to understand, and that helped me in performing the evaluation tests. This course is also very important for all people, as being one of the three pillars of health, it is of extreme importance for health and wellbeing.”


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The Sleep Recovery Specialist offers exceptional value in comparison to the learning experience and the knowledge provided.

Price: €295 paid in full as part of the enrolment process below.

Enrol and course payment

Enrolment to the Sleep Recovery Specialist course is now open. Become one of the first fitness professionals in Europe to achieve this innovative, EREP’s Approved certification.

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Please follow the email instructions following registration and payment to complete the relevant administration and obtain access to our online learning platform and the Sleep Recovery Specialist course content.

Course fees can be made using our secure payment via PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.

Note: Whilst we welcome all potential students to this course, in order to receive recognition of approved Lifelong Learning hours from Europe Active, you must already be a qualified fitness professional at European Level 3. Please confirm your qualification level during registration.


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