• Personal Training

  • Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

    8 - 18 months
    The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) is an innovative, high quality online course. The NPTC programme is the first online Level 4 certification for personal trainers that has received full accreditation by the regulatory body Europe Active. Graduating students will be fully prepared to excel in serving clients within a fitness club environment, or in being able to tap into their entrepreneurial skills to operate their own successful personal training business.
  • Professional Development

  • Business Skills for Personal Training

    8 weeks
    Successful personal trainers and fitness professionals must develop business acumen, including financial skills, marketing and a capacity for effective sales. This course covers the key elements regarding business planning and delivery that will serve as a foundation for success.
  • Nutrition for Health and Fitness

    8 weeks
    This nutrition course covers the theory and principles needed to understand the complex world of nutrition, diet, and health-related guidance necessary to support a client in their physical health and fitness objectives.
  • Sleep Recovery Specialist

    20 hours
    The Sleep Recovery Specialist (SRS) is an online, continuing professional development course that helps fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support and guide a client’s behaviours and actions to positively impact their sleep.
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