• Fundamentals of coaching exercise

    90 minutes
    This free short online course (90 minutes) offers a great way to learn the underpinning anatomical knowledge and key communication skills to effectively coach a range of selected, fundamental resistance training exercises.
  • Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate - Full course

    220 hours
    The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) is an innovative online course, built to help students achieve the same quality and scope of education through home study and e-learning as would be received through traditional face to face courses.
  • Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate: Pay Monthly

    24 weeks
    The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate is an online education course that helps learners to become fully certified, European Level 4 Personal Trainers.
  • Personal Training

  • NPTC 1st Term: Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Fitness / Fitness Instruction

    6 weeks
    This course teaches essential knowledge regarding the anatomy of the human body and its working physiology in relation to physical exercise. This forms a foundation to build key skills as a fitness professional. It also includes an in-depth module regarding the role of a fitness instructor and important instructional skills.
  • NPTC 2nd Term: Nutrition for Health and Fitness / Business Skills for Personal Trainers

    6 weeks
    The second term of the NPTC is comprised of 2 shorter courses; nutrition, and business. These are both key skills in the modern age of personal training to help differentiate your business and ensure long-term success.
  • NPTC 3rd Term: Consultation, Testing and Programme Design

    6 weeks
    This course covers the application of knowledge and skills required to manage and deliver an effective client consultation, to safely complete relevant fitness testing, and to design effective short and long term fitness training programmes.
  • NPTC 4th Term: Exercise Instruction for Personal Training

    6 weeks
    This course will support you in mastering the practical skills required for delivering high-quality personal training and ensure that you deliver and coach exercise to your clients in an effective manner. These are essential skills for the modern-day personal trainer and will help you to become a better teacher and coach with an understanding of how to adapt your instructional techniques to best meet the needs of your clients.
  • Professional Development

  • Business Skills for Personal Training - Professional development course

    8 weeks
    Successful personal trainers and fitness professionals must develop business acumen, including financial skills, marketing and a capacity for effective sales. This course covers the key elements regarding business planning and delivery that will serve as a foundation for success.
  • Nutrition for Health and Fitness - Professional development course

    8 weeks
    This nutrition course covers the theory and principles needed to understand the complex world of nutrition, diet, and health-related guidance necessary to support a client in their physical health and fitness objectives.
  • Sleep Recovery Specialist

    20 hours
    The Sleep Recovery Specialist (SRS) is an online, continuing professional development course that helps fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support and guide a client’s behaviours and actions to positively impact their sleep.